5 Reasons You Can’t Get Numb at The Dentist
added on: April 6, 2017

At our dental office in Sacramento, we always want to ensure our patients’ comfort. One of the ways we do that is by numbing the area we need to work on before we begin treatment. But sometimes we encounter someone who has difficulty getting numb. Why is that? We have some possible explanations. Hot Tooth Read more…

In Case of a Dental Emergency, Read This Blog
added on: March 15, 2017

The last thing anyone ever wants to deal with is a dental emergency. Dental emergencies, like any type of unexpected issue, can be scary, painful, and even confusing as to how to handle them. At our dental office in Sacramento, we want to help our patients and neighbors understand different types of dental emergencies and Read more…

“What Do I Have to Do to Be a Dentist?”
added on: March 6, 2017

Considering a career as a dentist? We may be biased, but the team at our dental office in Sacramento thinks it’s the best job you could have. Dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists are an important part of a total healthcare team, and are crucial to keeping patients healthy. Not only that, but they can Read more…

Top 7 Ways to Show Your Smile Some Love
added on: February 22, 2017

At our dental office in Sacramento, we love helping our patients get a smile they’re proud of. But visits to our office twice a year are only part of what you can do to make sure you’re showing your smile the love it needs to stay healthy. If you want to get and maintain a Read more…

The Oral Health and Heart Health Connection
added on: February 10, 2017

Our Sacramento dental office’s philosophy of patient care revolves around keeping our patients healthy, and not just in their mouths. Many whole-body concerns are associated with oral health problems, including heart disease. This February, in celebration of Heart Health Month, we’d like to educate our patients on the oral health and heart health connection and Read more…

“What’s Making My Breath Smell?”
added on: January 23, 2017

At our dental office in Sacramento, we’re here to help all of our patients reach their smile and oral health goals, no matter what they are. One of the more common concerns we hear is how to combat bad breath. We’re more than happy to help get breath kissably fresh, but we’d also like to Read more…

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Top 3 Explanations to Nighttime Tongue Biting
added on: January 12, 2017

Many people bite their tongue while talking, chewing, or sneezing. It’s an incredibly common occurrence, although very painful. But did you know that people can bite their tongue in their sleep and not even know it until the next day? At our Sacramento dental office, we want our patients to know that nighttime tongue biting Read more…

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3 Things You Should Know About Whitening Your Teeth with Baking Soda
added on: December 19, 2016

Baking soda is a common item found in many households and has a variety of uses besides its obvious purpose — baking food. People use it to keep smells in the fridge at bay, to minimize pet odor, and even to clean carpets and clothes. For many years, baking soda has also been used to Read more…

Your Smile May Be Aging You
added on: December 12, 2016

When we hit a certain age, we tend to place more focus on our appearance and take preventive measures to keep up a youthful look. We exercise, eat right, protect our skin with sunscreen, and visit the salon to dye our hair or undergo cosmetic procedures. But what about your smile? At our dental office Read more…

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